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Auch in diesem Jahr hat das Bochum Total Festival, das sich laut Angaben der Veranstalter mittlerweile zum größten Musikfestival Europas gemausert hat, die Bochumer Innenstadt wieder für vier Tage zum Schauplatz unzähliger Konzerte gemacht. Trotz Regens zog es in diesem Jahr wieder 700.000 Besucher an. Für alle, die so wie ich an diesem Ereignis nicht teilnehmen konnten, gibt es hier eine Menge Bilder.

Ich möchte auch nochmal auf meinen eigenen Bericht und meine Fotos von Liv Kristines Konzert beim Bochum Total 2006 verweisen. 🙂


Once again the festival Bochum Total, which is according to the organizer now the biggest music festival of Europe, made the city center of Bochum (Germany) become the stage of countless concerts. Despite the rain it attracted 700.000 visitors this year. For everybody who (like myself) missed out on this event, there are a lot of pictures here.

I would also like to remind you of my own review of  and pics Liv Kristine’s concert at Bochum Total 2006. 🙂

Liv Kristine @ Bochum Total 2006 – one of my personal highlights of the year!!

Liv Kristine beim Bochum Total 2006 – für mich einer der Höhepunkte des Jahres!!

Her husband Alex fliming! 🙂

Ihr Ehemann Alex filmt den Auftritt! 🙂

Thorsten (Tosso) Bauer

Timon Birkhofer

Dimitrios Argyropoulos

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Nothing new today, so I dugg up some reviews on Battlelore’s recently finished tour!

Berlin in German, auf Deutsch, good review plus setlist

Annaberg – only pics, nur Fotos

Brno in Czech … ähm… I hope this IS a review, I don’t understand a word! 😀

Dortmund in German, auf Deutsch

München in German, auf Deutsch

Marburg video and pic don’t seem to be from there, because Jyri is in them and… isn’t he gone for 6 months?! And…. it is a little difficult because of the makeup but I’d say this looks and sounds like the former singer Patrik Mennader. So the video must be at least … 2 years old I think. Besides…. why in the world would someone bring a German flag to the concert?! 🙂

Ahh these are real pics from Marburg and another review in German, auf Deutsch.

Stuttgart in German, auf Deutsch

Eind hoven Dutch , Nederlands

Kaisa ya Maria

Kaisa, Maria

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Click here to read a review on the CoF gig at “the academy” in Birmingham in Dec 2006 and here for live pics from the current tour!

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Here is a video blog from Nightwish that shows some recording sessions for the next album. You will see Marco and Emppu play in the Studio. Besides, there are some clues on the album… you can hear (and see) some orchestral parts that sound great and I was a bit confused to find out that boy sopranos and a bagpipe will appear on the new CD. But see yourself!

Here are some more fotos from the studio and a studio diary! Enjoy!

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The concert tickets to Poison Black, Lacrimas Profundere and Lacuna Coil had been sitting on my window sill for a long time waiting to fulfill their destiny … until November 6th, when they shinily (freshly dusted) went on their journey to Cologne.

Unfortunately the evening began with a disappointment.

At Cologne Music Hall we found out that Lacrimas Profundere would not enter the stage tonight. As I know now, their vocalist Christopher had fallen off the stage at their concert in Linz some days earlier and suffered a concussion. I’d like to use this opportunity to wish him all the best. Break a leg! 🙂

But out of every tragedy comes some good and thus Poison Black got the concentrated attention as the only opener band.

Which they definitely deserved, as I liked the quintet from the North so much that I’ve already reserverd the necessary space for their new album with the beautiful title “Lust Stained Despair.”

Striking reefs, catchy melodies, interesting voice… what more can you ask for?

Some emotion maybe…?! No problem … it was really sweet and touching when vocalist Ville Laihiala (Ex Sentenced … the band! 🙂 ) dedicated one song to his mum “… because I fucking miss her.” Ville did not only impress me with his esthesia and his sense of familiy though, but even more with his abilities! He took all the vocal parts, played guitar at the same time AND performed all the guitar solo parts! Ville is THE MAN!!! 🙂

Keyboardist Marco Sneck was a little less busy in comparison but his lion’s mane got me green with envy! What the hell do men need such beautiful hair for?!?! This should better be left to the women! 😉

Contrast to the Finns who spat on stage and drank beer was the Italian design performance by the headliner, whose stage appearance was put on amazingly.

First, the 4 musicians Marco Coti Zelati (Bass), Cristiano Migliore (Guitar), Marco Biazzi (Guitar) and Cristiano Mozzati (Drums) entered the black lit stage and formed up in a rectangle shaped position. They were wearing the white gauze masks which appear on the album cover of Karmacode. The masks were gleaming in the black light while the bodies were nearly invisible because they were covered by black shirts with ties and black pants. Then the vocalists Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro made their stage appearance and positioned themselves inside the rectangle of musicians wearing white shirts with black ties and no masks.

That lineup under the black light was a fairly impressive sight.

Suddenly the lighting changed from black to white, pink and blue and the show began. During the entire performance the Italians meticulously maintained a geometrical line up.

The guitarists Cristiano and Marco played resembling 7- string ESP guitars (two instruments each, as they were exchanged during the show), to assure a perfectly harmonized stage design. The whole show couldn’t have been organized in a more professional way. By the way, bassist Marco Coti Zelati uses picks in national colors!

But what impressed me the most was the downright inexhaustible energy of Cristina Scabbia. If I tried to be as agile as she was during the entire show for no more than ten minutes I would be carried off stage! She was moving wild all the time, which did not affect her impressive voice at all … and from time to time she performed a perfectly synchronized headbanging with the other band members.

They all made a very likeable impression, as they did not only go through with their show but included the audience in many activities… for example when drummer Cristiano Mozzati flipped us off!

No, no, their were all very friendly except of that. Andrea held nice little speaches to the audience at the beginning and the end of the show. For example he mentioned that this was the last but one show of their two months tour. Despite of that, nobody in the band seemed the slightest bit tired. Andrea and Cristina made the entire audience jump up and down to the rythm of “fragile”. Later they said that they had the impression that we were tired and that aparantly we’d prefer to go home. They demanded counter evidence, which meant that first the right and then the second half of the audience had to scream their head off. 🙂 Apparently their were satisfied with our effort, because the show went on.

Before she sang “virtual environment”, Cristina asked for some mood lighting. She didn’t want to see the conventional lighters, thoug. Cristina prefers the more modern and thumb- friendly alternative … everybody had to raise their mobile phones (“mobile lighters”) and light the display. This sure was a beautiful sight.

The Depeche Mode cover “enjoy the silence” was chanted by the audience, until everybody’s vocal cords just gave up.

But the vocal cords were not the only bodyparts negatively affected… my ears were buzzing, too … so next time I will get some ear- protection! 😉

After Lacuna coil had left the stage the audience was still demanding another encore. But the stage was then lit in Italian national colors and the show was over.

By the way, you can find pics here on the website of the official Lacuna Coil Community “Empty Spiral“. They were not made at the gig in Cologne, but they are representative. Enjoy!




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is a review of Lacuna Coil’ s gig at London Astoria.

Click here for pics of the concert.

Here you can find pics of Lacuna Coil live at King’s College

and this link leads you to Cristina Scabbia’s tour diary!

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click here and scroll down

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Among hundreds of sweaty bodies I cross the bridge and enter the medieval fortress, which is flanked by two watchtowers. The guards at the gate check my permit and finally let me continue my way. After climbing rampant staircases I bump into a maiden dressed in national costume. She graciously gives me directions to the tenebrous depths of the castle’s inner courtyard, where I will be received in audience today…

… by the queen of chant, finish soprano Tarja Turunen. Because in the castle, which was built in 1475, has since 1967 regularly been the scene of the worldwide known Savonlinna Opera festival. Olavinlinna castle is deservedly famous for its unique acoustics.


I have come here to see a concert performed by Tarja Turunen and tenor Raimo Sirkiä in cooperation with the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Riku Niemi. At first, one single show had been scheduled on July 16th, but although the auditorium in the inner courtyard can comprise 2257 spectators, it was sold out a few days later. Consequently, a second show to be performed on July 21st was organized. A was lucky to get hold of a ticket to this one and thus get a chance to assure myself of the ticket- buyers high expectations being justified.

The concert offered a crossover of opera, musical and rock and began with Così fan tutte by Amadeus Mozart.

The stage entry of the two stars Turunen and Sirkiä was put on marvellously.

Singing The Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Turunen descended a flight of stairs left- hand of the stage, while Sirkiä appeared on the right side of the stage. After this duet they sang alternately. Turunen performed Rusalka’s Aria by Antonín Dvorak, whereupon Sirkiä presented Caruso by Lucio Dalla. After that, Turunen intonated “Don’t cry for me Argentina” from the musical Evita. She sang the chorus in Spanish at first, then she just hummed it and finally left it completely to the orchestra, before ending with its English version. Sirkiä’s Lamento di Federico from the opera L’ Arlesiana was followed up by Nightwishes Moondance as an instrumental interlude, which had been adorably arranged for the orchestra.

Of course, Turunen and Sirkiä were not upstaged by this, as they themselves presented the Nightwish- classics Two for Tragedy and Angels Fall first. The reason for this choice is that Tarja Turunen has been the vocalist of Nightwish from 1997 to 2005 and she decided to continue singing her preferred Nightwish- songs in her solo concerts. However, Raimo Sirkiä does not seem to be an admirer of this band as he had to help himself with sheets during the performance of these songs.

The last song before the 20 minute brake was the amazing “Written in the stars” from the musical Aida by Elton John and Tim Rice. While Turunen and Sirkiä were singing, small light bulbs were lit on the castle wall behind the stage.

Riku Niemi and the Kuopio Symphonic Orchestra opened the second half of the show with the Intermezzo Sinfonico from Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni.

Tarja Turunen had changed her clothes for the second half from a black pantsuit to a blue gown. Raimo Sirkiä had drastically changed his looks, too … by losing his jacket! 😉

After Sirkiä’s performance of Leoncavallo and Turunen’s “Somewhere” from the musical “Westside Story”, they sang the duet “There for me” in embrace.

This was followed by another orchestral interlude. The Kuopio Symphony Orchestra played Freestyler – yes, exactly, Freestyler by Bomfunk MC’s. 🙂 Riku Niemi had rearranged this song for orchestra and it was performed so stirringly, that he almost outranked Turunen and Sirkiä as stars of the show! The conductor proved real show talent by at first tap- dancing, than beating time with two xylophone sticks, of which he had one in his mouth and finally jumping off the stage and continuing to beat time on an iron bar belonging to the audience balustrade! 🙂 He did all this with gestures that would have done honour to every clown! Consequently, laughter sounded from the audience.

The concert continued with the probably most bombastic version of “Proud Mary” any conductor has ever drawn from an symphonic orchestra. It was sung by Raimo Sirkiä, accompanied by the also singing Riku Niemi and the singing and dancing Tarja Turunen. The audience was thrilled and shook the castle walls by stomping their feet. 🙂 It has often been said by Tarja Turunen in interviews that the Nightwish- Fans only get to know a small part of her actual voice. Up to know I never really got what she ment by that. But since I heard her sing Lauretta’s Aria (O mio babbino caro) by Puccini I just have to admit she is right! Her vocal performance of this song was literally breathtaking!

According to the program the final song of the concert was supposed to be “Beauty of the beast” by Nightwish. For this, 8 members of the Opera Festival Choir – 4 female, 4 male – stepped on the stairhead on the right hand side of the stage. Again, the audience was carried away by the bombastic performance of the Orchestra, Tarja Turunen’s dramatic voice and also some dancing of hers. 🙂 In my opinion this was the perfect ending to a perfect concert, but I was wrong…

Turunen and Sirkiä surprised their audience with an encore – “Brindisi” from “La Traviata”.

While singing it, Tarja Turunen remounted the flight of stairs she had descended at the beginning during “Phantom of the opera”, creating a harmonic finish.

All musicians were highly acknowledged with applause.


After the concert, most visitors left castle’s courtyard immediately, except of some Fans of Tarja’s, who wanted to take the opportunity of meeting their star. Finally, Tarja appeared with her husband Marcelo Cabuli. As he left the scene carrying Tarja’s luggage and a bouquet of roses which had been given to Tarja as a reward for her stage appearance, she took her time to patiently talk to the fans, write autographs and pose for photos. 🙂 I had a chance to speak to her, too and asked her (not too creative 😉 ) when she would make her next stage appearance in Germany – after all I had travelled 1600 km to see her! She answered she was planning some concerts in Germany for next year! Well, I guess we have a lot to look forward to! 🙂









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