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Auch in diesem Jahr hat das Bochum Total Festival, das sich laut Angaben der Veranstalter mittlerweile zum größten Musikfestival Europas gemausert hat, die Bochumer Innenstadt wieder für vier Tage zum Schauplatz unzähliger Konzerte gemacht. Trotz Regens zog es in diesem Jahr wieder 700.000 Besucher an. Für alle, die so wie ich an diesem Ereignis nicht teilnehmen konnten, gibt es hier eine Menge Bilder.

Ich möchte auch nochmal auf meinen eigenen Bericht und meine Fotos von Liv Kristines Konzert beim Bochum Total 2006 verweisen. 🙂


Once again the festival Bochum Total, which is according to the organizer now the biggest music festival of Europe, made the city center of Bochum (Germany) become the stage of countless concerts. Despite the rain it attracted 700.000 visitors this year. For everybody who (like myself) missed out on this event, there are a lot of pictures here.

I would also like to remind you of my own review of  and pics Liv Kristine’s concert at Bochum Total 2006. 🙂

Liv Kristine @ Bochum Total 2006 – one of my personal highlights of the year!!

Liv Kristine beim Bochum Total 2006 – für mich einer der Höhepunkte des Jahres!!

Her husband Alex fliming! 🙂

Ihr Ehemann Alex filmt den Auftritt! 🙂

Thorsten (Tosso) Bauer

Timon Birkhofer

Dimitrios Argyropoulos

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Last Monday Delain played their first gig in Paris, supporting their fellow Dutch Within Temptation. This was especially cool, because it was the first time that Sharon den Adel sang “No compliance” live for Delain (she sang it for Delain’s CD but since she is not an official member of Delain she has never been on stage with them before)! You will see video footage soon!

Oh Paris, the city of love … sooo old and sooo beautiful ….

La tour Eiffel

La tour Eiffel …

… la Seine et Notre Dame …


… le Louvre …

… la place Charles-de-Gaulle (place de l’étoile) et l’ arc de triomphe…

… et sacré coeur.

Et une baguette, un peu de fromage et du vin rouge…. 😉

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I decided soon means NOW!!! 😉

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Nothing new today, so I dugg up some reviews on Battlelore’s recently finished tour!

Berlin in German, auf Deutsch, good review plus setlist

Annaberg – only pics, nur Fotos

Brno in Czech … ähm… I hope this IS a review, I don’t understand a word! 😀

Dortmund in German, auf Deutsch

München in German, auf Deutsch

Marburg video and pic don’t seem to be from there, because Jyri is in them and… isn’t he gone for 6 months?! And…. it is a little difficult because of the makeup but I’d say this looks and sounds like the former singer Patrik Mennader. So the video must be at least … 2 years old I think. Besides…. why in the world would someone bring a German flag to the concert?! 🙂

Ahh these are real pics from Marburg and another review in German, auf Deutsch.

Stuttgart in German, auf Deutsch

Eind hoven Dutch , Nederlands

Kaisa ya Maria

Kaisa, Maria

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I don’t have much time today…. but Battlelore spent theirs on updating their tour diary with news from Eindhoven, Illingen (Earthquaker), Dortmund and Stuttgart. Click here!

Kaisa ya Tomi

Tomi, Kaisa

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Pictures from the current tour habe been added to the official Leaves’ Eyes gallery on the band website!

Oh and apparently Liv got herself a beautiful new stage dress, this time in blue… 🙂

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Emma-gaala backstage 2007

This is a backstage report from the emma gaala.

A youtube user was kind enough to translate the interview with Tarja Turunen:

Interviewer: What does this Emma nomination mean to you?
Tarja: First nominaton as a female solo artist, solo career has started and I’ve been noticed, so I’m really happy about it. Of course, very glad.
I: Do you follow with interest who will be selected as a singer to Nightwish?
Tarja: It’s really to me… people do what they want and surely know what they’re doing. I’m living my own life and doing my solo career. Hopefully everything goes well with them as with me.

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Delain published some amazing live pics on their website – click here!

Delain haben auf ihrer Website einige sehr schöne live Bilder veröffentlicht – hier klicken!


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