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Leaves’ Eyes haben gerade ihre Nordamerika- Tour beendet. Anscheinend wurde auch auf dem Rückflug wieder Equipment beschädigt und einige Teile sind noch nicht angekommen! Unglaublich!! Hier ist ein Abschlusswort zur Tour von Liv Kristine!

Liv Kristine, Foto: Katja Piolka



Leaves’ Eyes have just finished their North American tour. Apparently also on the flight back some equipment was damaged and parts have not arrived yet! It’ s unbelievable!! Here is a final consideration of the tour by Liv Kristine!

Liv Kristine, Foto: Katja Piolka



Leaves’ Eyes ont justement fini leur tournée à travers l’ Amérique du Nord. Apparement pendant le vol retour quelqu’ équipement a été endommagé de nouveau et quelques parts ne sont pas encore arrivés! C’ est incroyable!! Trouvez içi un commentaire dernier de Liv Kristine relatif à la tournée.

Liv Kristine, Foto: Katja Piolka


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On their website, Leaves’ Eyes say “Thank you!” to all their fans for the amazing European tour! Although the last part of it took place under bad circumstances because guitarist Mathias Röderer is sick, all concerts have been a huge succes so far! Don’t forget to buy tickets for Dauwpop Festival (NL) with Leaves’ Eyes and Within Temptation and support Leaves’ Eyes at their final concert of the European tour in Oslo!


By the way, visit the Tarja Turunen fanpage “Voices of Enchantment“! The current “picture of the week” is a foto of Tarja and Liv Kristine, which was taken before the Leaves’ Eyes concert in Tampere!!

Leaves' Eyes

Leaves’ Eyes, image: Katja Piolka

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The Dutch goth rockers “Delain” are going to release a second single. The successor of their first single “Frozen”

Frozen Single

will be the song “See me in shadow”, which makes me personally very happy, as it is partly sung by one of my favourite singers – Liv Kristine.

Liv Kristine

Liv Kristine

It is a really beautiful duet of hers and Delain vocalist Charlotte Wessels, in which the bright childlike voice of Liv and the deeper warm voice of Charlotte make an interesting addition. It deals with the subject of being unable to see the meaning of life and losing perspective (my interpretation 😉 ).

But I really don’t understand why they chose a ballad as their second single, especially since they have very catchy ear candies like “The gathering” with Marco Hietala (Nightwish) or “No compliance” sung by Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation) . I suppose those songs would be more likely to attract people’s attention. Well, artistic freedom… 😉

The artists are hoping for big things anyway. The first single “Frozen” reached #36 in the Dutch Top 40 and they are planning on topping that with “See me in Shadow”.

The video for the song is being recorded right now (!!) – probably as I’m writing this – on Tuesday, May 8th 2007. What the video will look like remains a secret for now, but it was told that it will be shot in a very special country cottage in Brabant, Holland. A report of the shooting will be printed in Hitkrant and METRO soon!



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Liv Kristine published some new pics of herself and Dimi on her website!

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How it’s done? Click here!

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Don’t worry, Liv did not confuse concert stage with catwalk! But her song “You take me higher” from her album “Enter my Religion” served as background music on the Pro7-TV-Show “Germany’s next Topmodel”. I hope it took the models higher, too! 😉

Photo by Kai Joachim © Roadrunner Records

In comparison to her a “topmodel” is a dead duck – Liv Kristine!


Just to be clear – I DIN`T WATCH!!! I read it on Liv’s website!!!! 🙂


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Keine Sorge, Liv Kristine vertauscht nicht die Konzertbühne mit dem Laufsteg! Dafür war aber ihr Song “You take me higher” aus ihrem Album “Enter my Religion” in der Pro7-TV-Show “Germany´s next Topmodel” als Backgroundmusik zu hören. Hoffentlich hat es den Mädels geholfen! 😉

Photo by Kai Joachim © Roadrunner Records

Gegen sie kommt kein Topmodel an – Liv Kristine! 🙂

 Nur um das klarzustellen – ich hab mir das NICHT ANGESEHEN!!! Ich habe es auf Liv’s Website gelesen!!! 🙂

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The Metal Female Voices Fest Part 5, which will again take place at the Oktoberhallen in Wieze, Belgium, will feature 3 bands that I observe for this blog!!!

The first band are Leaves’ Eyes! They have not been officially announced yet, but according to their own website they will be the headliners of the festival!

Second Xandria from Bielefeld, Germany and third the great Finnish band Battlelore!

Also Elis will be there and it will be one of their first shows with their new singer Sandra Schleret. Their former lead singer Sabine Dünser died unexpectedly in July 2006 at the age of only 29.

Theatre of Tragedy and their singer Nell will make a stage appearance in Wieze, too. Nell replaced Liv Kristine, now lead singer of Leaves’ Eyes.

This will be a very, very interesting festival this year…. guess who will be in Wieze on October 20 th….!! 😉

This is one of my top dreams come true! 🙂

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Das Metal Female Voices Fest Part 5, wird wieder in den Oktoberhallen in Wieze, Belgien, stattfinden und in diesem Jahr werden dort 3 bands auftreten, die Thema dieses Blogs sind!!!

Erste Band sind Leaves’ Eyes! Sie sind noch nicht offiziell vom Veranstalter angekündigt, doch ihrer eigenen Website zu Folge werden sie Headliner des Festivals sein!

Zweiter act sind Xandria aus Bielefeld und dritter die finnische Band Battlelore!

Außerdem werden Elis in Wieze auftreten. Es wird wohl eines ihrer ersten Konzerte mit der neuen Sängerin Sandra Schleret sein. Die bisherige Leadsängerin Sabine Dünser war im Juli 2006 völlig überraschend im Alter von nur 29 Jahren verstorben.

Theatre of Tragedy und ihre Sängerin Nell werden auch die Festivalbühne betreten. Nell hatte 2004 Liv Kristine abgelöst, die heute Sängerin bei Leaves’ Eyes ist.

Dieses Festival erscheint also äußerst interessant zu werden…. und ratet mal, wer am 20. Oktober in Wieze ist….!! ;-)

Ein Traum wird wahr!! 🙂

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