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The Finns of Battlelore are already working on new battle hymns. Apparently elvish armorers never rest! 😉




Die Finnen von Battlelore arbeiten bereits wieder an neuen Kampfeshymnen. Die elbische Waffenschmiede steht anscheinend niemals still! 😉




Les Finlandais de Battlelore s’ occupent déjà à créer des nouvels hymnes de combat. Apparement, les armuriers des elfes ne se reposent jamais.



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After six months guitarist Jyri Vahvanen has returned from his trip to Asia and is ready to rejoin Battlelore.
His homecoming gig will take place on June 29th at Tuska Evening Club in Helsinki.

Helsinki…. I wish I could go back there! You have no idea how beautiful it is…. 😦

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Brisk trade and commerce are settling in Middle- earth!

Thus you can now trade your gold coins in for linen, song and imagery.


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Nothing new today, so I dugg up some reviews on Battlelore’s recently finished tour!

Berlin in German, auf Deutsch, good review plus setlist

Annaberg – only pics, nur Fotos

Brno in Czech … ähm… I hope this IS a review, I don’t understand a word! 😀

Dortmund in German, auf Deutsch

München in German, auf Deutsch

Marburg video and pic don’t seem to be from there, because Jyri is in them and… isn’t he gone for 6 months?! And…. it is a little difficult because of the makeup but I’d say this looks and sounds like the former singer Patrik Mennader. So the video must be at least … 2 years old I think. Besides…. why in the world would someone bring a German flag to the concert?! 🙂

Ahh these are real pics from Marburg and another review in German, auf Deutsch.

Stuttgart in German, auf Deutsch

Eind hoven Dutch , Nederlands

Kaisa ya Maria

Kaisa, Maria

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I don’t have much time today…. but Battlelore spent theirs on updating their tour diary with news from Eindhoven, Illingen (Earthquaker), Dortmund and Stuttgart. Click here!

Kaisa ya Tomi

Tomi, Kaisa

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Battlelore have updated their tour diary. Everything seems to be going really well. You can read it here.

What I find really funny: They are on the road with “only” ten people, but still they managed to gather 4 guys named Tomi, Tommi, Timo and Toni under them! 😀 That has to be the source of CHAOS… 😀

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Battlelore made their first stage appearance of the current tour on April 27th in Berlin. Read a live review here! By the way, their gig in Milan has been cancelled!!!

Battlelore haben am 27.4. in Berlin ihren Tourauftakt gegeben. Einen live review findet ihr hier! Ihr Auftritt in Mailand wurde übrigens abgesagt!!!

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Battlelore entered the tourbus yesterday. They are now heading for Germany by ferry.

On April 27th, they will make their first stage appearance in Berlin. After that they will be touring Europe for three weeks.

Here the full dates again:

27.04.2007 DE – Berlin / Darkside
28.04.2007 DE – Annaberg-Buchholz / Alte Brauerei
29.04.2007 CZ – Brno / Faval Club
30.04.2007 HU – Budapest / Petofi Hall Gothica Festival (www.gothica.hu)
01.05.2007 DE – Munich / Metropolis
02.05.2007 DE – Konstanz / Contrast
03.05.2007 IT – Milan / Magazzini Generali
04.05.2007 CH – Thun / Late Night
05.05.2007 CH – Uster / Rock City
06.05.2007 DE – Illingen / Illlipse, Earthquaker Festival
07.05.2007 DE – Dortmund / Tarantula
08.05.2007 DE – Stuttgart / Universum
09.05.2007 DE – Marburg / KfZ
10.05.2007 NL – Eindhoven / Effenaar
11.05.2007 DE – Marksteft / Rockmania Festival (www.rockmania.de)
12.05.2007 DE – Lübeck / Treibsand

They will also write a tour diary on their website. Click here to read it!

Kaisa ya Tomi

Tomi Mykkänen, Kaisa Youhki

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Apparently Napalm Records has provided its bands with new merchandise.

Both Battlelore and Leaves’ Eyes have new fan- shirts to offer these days.

Click here to buy the Leaves’ Eyes European Tour Shirt at EMP and here to order the Battlelore – Evernight shirt directly through Napalm.

Battlelore – Evernight Shirt

LE European Tour Shirt – Front … wooohooo the Viking boat!! 🙂

LE European Tour Shirt -Back

The Shirts will of course also be available at the band’s concerts alongside further merchandise!

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Remember I made this huge article on the latest video shoot by Battlelore? If not you can read it here.

Well…. I have good news on that topic. The video is ready. Enjoy! 🙂

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